The Story - Acoustic Devotional & Acoustic Journey (2CD)

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The Story - Acoustic Devotional & Acoustic Journey (2CD)

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For the past 14 months Jeremy has toured Canada and performed over 150 shows telling his “Lower Story” while pointing towards God’s “Upper Story” . The tour is now wrapped and for 5 day’s only we’ll be offering these beautiful contemplative acoustic albums for $5 (or 2.50 each) plus shipping. While quantities last!

The Story An Acoustic Devotional

1. Level Ground (Creation/Fall)

2. Everlasting Peace (Flood/Olive Branch)

3. Through The Blood (Abraham/Covenant)

4. Jesus, My Red Sea (Exile/Freedom)

5. The Story (Jesus)

6. This New Life (Crucifixaton/Resurrection/Ascension)

7. They Were Waiting (Holy Spirit)

8.Guard Us & Keep us (God's Word)

9. My Only Comfort (Belief & Doubt)

10. I Am Not My Own (Commitment)

The Story An Acoustic Journey

1. As Fast As I Give Chase

2. Everybody's Got a First Time

3. Apart

4. Boy Ran With Horses

5. My Beautiful

6. Weathered Trail

7. This Goodbye

8. Let's Get Up

9. You Are Home

10. Lakes

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