Collingwood, ON-True North Christian Academy


True North Christian Academy is an independent Elementary School for Grades JK to 8 located in Stayner, ON. True North Christian Academy bases its direction for educating students on God's principles. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for excellence in academic, spiritual, social and physical development to enable students to fulfil God's purpose in their life. To learn more about this mission and how it is worked out in the daily experiences of students, click here.

Barrie, ON-The Busby Centre

Driven by a philosophy of empowerment, Barrie’s David Busby Centre is a community not-for-profit organization working to advocate for and improve the life and living conditions of individuals and families within the County of Simcoe who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. To learn more about their respectful, non-judgemental and holistic care and advocacy, click here.

Brantford, ON-Why Not City Missions


Why Not City Missions Brantford has a dream to reach poor, homeless and at-risk youth in Brantford with powerful programs that impact their world. They seek to dream big and focus on hope and potential solutions that are positive and possible by working together in community. Their programs for youth are broad and wide-reaching, covering everything from life skills to creative expression through the arts. To learn more about their array of programs and their exciting vision, click here.

Orangeville, ON-The Lighthouse


The Lighthouse is a local organization sponsored by Good Friends Fellowship whose goal is to meet the needs of those in the Orangeville community who are less fortunate. These days with our economy the way it is, there are many local people who need a helping hand during hard times. As Jesus said, true religion is found in taking care of those in need. The Lighthouse also provides a safe place for those who are lonely or struggling to come and find friends and support for whatever they are going through. The Lighthouse not only feeds and cares for the physical needs it also tries to meet the spiritual needs of those who come.

To find out more, click here.

Whitby, ON-Local Christian Schools

Immanuel Christian School in Whitby, ON, Pickering Christian School in Ajax, ON and Durham Christian High School in Bowmanville, ON were the schools supported together under the heading of “Local Christian Education” through Jeremy’s stop in Whitby, ON.

To learn more, click  here.

To learn more, click here.

To learn more, click  here .

To learn more, click here.


To learn more, click here.

Lindsay, ON-Kawartha Lakes Pregnancy Centre

Kawartha Lakes Pregnancy Centre is a Christian Ministry committed to protecting life, supporting families and serving their community by offering help and support to anyone involved in an unplanned pregnancy. They provide a safe place for non-judgmental support, care, information and practical help. KLPC assists any pregnant woman regardless of marital status, national origin, age, race or religion. Services are also available to her family and the father of the baby. To learn more, click here.

Holland Marsh, ON-CrossTrainers Ministries


CrossTrainers Canada works together with local Christian churches to provide their community with practical help and programs at little to no cost to participants.   What began as a public high-school lunch drop-in ministry has grown to include programs that reach people of all ages within the community, as well as provide opportunities to go beyond the immediate community to serve and share the love of Jesus.

To learn more about this ministry, click here.

World Renew Nigeria - Update

Hello everyone,

As you all know, 45% of the fundraising we have done thus far is directed to the work of World Renew in Nigeria. The assistance we are providing through this tour funnels into two programs: A Cash Distribution Program for food as well as Trauma Healing Initiatives. However, World Renew works on a myriad of other projects in Nigeria as well.

Please click here for a general update on what World Renew is doing in Nigeria.

An Update at (Long) Last...

Our kitchen, dining room, laundry room, pantry and main thoroughfare in the Hobbit-Hideaway.

Our kitchen, dining room, laundry room, pantry and main thoroughfare in the Hobbit-Hideaway.

Dear friends, please forgive the, umm, extended pause since my last blog post. I believe we were in the upper part of British Columbia when I last blogged… and we are now back in Ontario, although we have left London and relocated to Guelph. And what a Gift-Guelph-Has-Been!! We are currently living in a basement apartment that is at least three times larger than Mabel; I’ve named it our Hobbit-Hideaway. Truth be told, I have always wanted to live in Guelph. Ever since a dear friend of mine invited me to attend her Hillside Music Festival way back in the day, and in addition to being blown away by the live music (Arcade Fire just before they hit it HUGE, Martyn Joseph and Luke Doucet to name but a few…) I found out that they had volunteers 24 hrs a day, washing the dishes used by festival attendees enjoying the scrumptious food-fare from a myriad of vendors. No foam or plastic here! We are loving Guelph for her medium size city sensibility, her social consciousness, her laid-back vibe and progressive soul…

But I digress… I have much to update y’all on. I promise a longer blog with “regulars” such as a final Motorhome Meandering, These Are a Few of Our Favourite Things, and a Quote-to-Note from my girl that rendered me (nearly) speechless. However, that particular blog will be a bit in coming yet, as it requires me to have some somewhat extended time, head and heart space with which to craft. Which I don’t currently have as I’ve started a new part-time job: I am now the Communications Director for the I Am Not My Own Tour. Yup, folks, I work for my husband now in addition to with my husband. Umm, yes. You read that correctly. And we are still happily married. (And I’m not just saying that because my dad reads my blogs faithfully. Really.)

So, yes, change is in the air, but the tour remains the same in many ways. Jeremy is currently touring on weekends mainly, travelling to different cities throughout Ontario, preaching, leading worship and telling his story in concerts. As Mabel has been returned to her rightful owner (see picture below), and we have found a place to lay our heads here in Guelph, and because our children started school again after Christmas holidays, Jeremy is often traveling to these places on his own. After a wonderful time of outside-of-the-proverbial-box-free-wheelingness and going-with-the-flowness that defined much of our time on the tour, our kiddies need some more structure and stability and security, so this means I generally stay back at home with them while Jeremy troubadours around. (After all, a 7:30-8:00 pm bedtime is much healthier for children rather than midnight-if-we’re-lucky...)

Speaking of my intrepid husband, Jeremy is excited to announce that this past weekend the tour reached its 100th event milestone as well as $200 000.00 in fundraising, with the last two events not yet recorded. Hallelujah for this!

Check out the Tour Dates if you are interested and able to come out to one here in Ontario…and look for another blog post from me to come out soon…

In the meanwhile, let me leave you with these words from Sarah Young, this time from her Jesus Always book: “It is vital to set aside time for your heart. Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. A wellspring is a source of abundant supply. Since you belong to Me, My Own Life flows through you! However, to keep this Life flowing abundantly, you must protect your heart from evil influences and nourish it with Bible study and prayer. Aligning your priorities with My teaching can be very freeing. When you don’t like the way things look in your world, close your eyes and gaze at who I am. Remember that I am Immanuel—God with you.” (p. 59.)


Thank you Hiemstra Trailer Sales

For your generous donation of Mabel for the use of the tour!

Waterdown ON - Shalem Mental Health Network

Waterdown ON - Shalem Mental Health Network

Shalem Mental Health Network seeks to restore hope. The professionals working at this organization, located in Hamilton, recognize that hope often emerges in lament (see the Biblical Psalms of Lament). They consider it a privilege to be invited into spaces of deep pain and healing—and there to encounter the God of living hope and the extraordinary courage of people.

Nanaimo BC - More Room for Hope

Nanaimo BC - More Room for Hope

Island Crisis Care Society is a registered non-profit society that helps people in crisis stabilize and then find the support, resources, and services they need to recover and be well. Working in cooperation with provincial and federal agencies, community groups, and faith-based organizations, ICCS develops housing options and programs that respect the needs of individuals with multiple challenges or concurrent disorders.