Chilliwack, BC - Chilliwack Pregnancy Care Centre

The goal of the Chilliwack Pregnancy Care Centre is to provide support and encouragement to pregnant women in any stage of their pregnancy through peer counselling, current information, information, and practical help.

The staff is motivated by the belief that all people have intrinsic value, and deserve love and respect, regardless of age, race, background, beliefs, current situations, and economic status. They believe women can make their best possible pregnancy-related decisions when they are equipped with current, accurate, truthful information.

Peer counsellors strive to answer questions, provide information, present options, and offer non-judgmental support within the context of each woman’s individual story. They offer ongoing support regardless of her choice.

The Chilliwack Pregnancy Care Centre is staffed by a team of trained volunteers under the supervision of a Client Services Director and a Board of Directors.

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