By the numbers...

As we take some time to celebrate Christmas as a family, I am reflecting with gratitude on all this year has brought. So here is a small picture of what has been happening through this tour, by the numbers!

1 year of discerning God’s call

1 step of faith into the unknown

1 year of writing, praying, fasting and personal investment

1 idea birthed: to record our voices on 1 song

6 months of strategic development

+25,000 km driven

81 events

56 cities

9 provinces

9,915 voices recorded

170 nights on the road

24 weeks with an average of 3 different places to stay per week

Approximately 72 different locations to call home

3,960 hours on the road

24 local causes supported

Live in front of 12,255 people

$150,000 raised for Local/Global/Worship

A small family of 4 becoming intentionally displaced to stand in solidarity with those who don’t have a home every day

1 God who is joyfully leading

Merry Christmas!

Familiy with Mabel in Alberta..jpg

From Jeremy, Lara, and family