We've Arrived...

in gorgeous Prince Edward Island on the eve of Day #3 of our journey.  This place is beautiful, people!   (of the rich-red-sands-and-shells-of-all-kinds-hermit-crabs-scuttling-water-water-everywhere-but-still-enough-of-the-potable-kind-to-drink-sort of beautiful).  

We as a family are so deeply grateful for the motorhome in which we are traveling...(Ach, may God bless you for your care and generosity, Wayne Hiemstra! ) This thing is like nothing we've ever traveled or stayed in before.  It is great fun for the kids (and their mama!) to see Jer maneuvering it like a pro.  But it is a learning curve, that's for sure...

CRCNA & World Renew Sendoff.jpg

Motorhome Meanderings #1:  A larger than expected (or needed!) microwave doubles as a cupboard for family-sized cereal boxes bought by an inexperienced (yet thrifty) motorhome mama.

It took us quite a while to actually get out of Dodge our first morning of travel (Wednesday, May 30), as we had a number of stops along the way.  One was to the Head Offices of the Christian Reformed Church of North America and World Renew in Burlington, ON, where we were given a lovely warm welcome and send-off in one.  We deeply appreciated being prayed over there, as well as being given the opportunity to sing the Doxology (Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow) together in 5-part harmony with the 25+  people who had gathered there.   Additionally, we appreciated the chance to use bathroom facilities that were larger than a broom closet, which leads me to our first:

Quote-to-Note:  "I appinnated some of daddy's songs onto my phone."  Kiara (5 yrs old) as she sang a mash-up of Jer's Not My Own and Something Broke with her pink plastic bubble wand toy phone pressed to her ear while using the little ladies room at the CRC Head Office.

We have arrived at a KOA in near Charlottetown, PEI and this will be our home for the next week.  It is really nice to have arrived at a location to stay put for a bit...and my extroverted daughter (whose first words upon arriving here were "Now, let's go meet our neighbours!") is absolutely thrilled to have already made friends with a 7-year old boy from next door, as is my son, who now has a sports-playing, rock-jumping buddy.

But before we forget our first few travel days...


These Are a Few of Our Favourite Things...about travelling in the motorhome:

Jer:  Being able to have a shower in our car.

Lara:  Sitting at the dinette table, playing Hook, a pencil and paper version of Battleship created by Isaiah.

Isaiah:  Looking out the window for animals, like deer.

Kiara:  Nothing.  I am drive sick.


Thanks to all of you for your support leading up to this point!

I will leave you from these words based on Psalm 46:10 and paraphrased by Sarah Young in her beautiful devotional book Jesus Calling:

Relax in my healing, holy Presence.  Be still while I transform your heart and mind. Let go of cares and worries so that you can receive My Peace.  Cease striving, and know that I am God.


Lara Schat-Zeyl, June 2, 2018.