Pretty PEI...

Motorhome Meanderings #2...  It really is actually important to empty your grey water tank before it starts backing up and filling the floor tray of your shower, unbeknownst to you, until the following morning, when you step into the reeking coldness of it to take what was to be your first shower in 3 days.  Sigh.

We are currently staying at the KOA Campground in Cornwall, PEI, minutes away from Charlottetown.  Our motorhome faces the beautiful West River and we have been thoroughly enjoying tidal-pooling at low tide.  The kids and I went on a Seashore Scavenger Hunt this morning and found shells we've never seen before, including Olive Shells, Kitten's Paws and pretty shiny Jingle Shells.

These Are a Few of Our Favourite Things...About Prince Edward Island:

A slightly-ironic Jer: "The sight of snow falling Sunday morning after church. "  

Serious Jer:"Having my little buddy as an assistant at the World Renew and CD table."


Kiara:   "The sea and the church."  (In that order. ;) )

Lara:  "Investigating the seashore and its many delights with my kids, plus the complementary colour combination of brick-red sand and bright spring greenery as far as the eye can see."  

Isaiah:  "Finding the jellyfish in the water." 

Which brings us to our...

Quote-to-Note:   "Mom, can I catch a jellyfish?  I'll use the net instead of my bare hands, I promise!"  A completely-in-his-element-Isaiah, standing knee-deep in the water, looking down at a bright purple-and-red jellyfish undulating gracefully-yet-oh-so-dangerously close to him in the shallows of the West River.


What is it about God and His desire to have His people live in community? 

There is little more humbling--or ultimately uplifting--then being literally unable to do something yourself and having to rely on the grace, goodwill and sheer overwhelming generosity of complete strangers.


We arrived at Charlottetown Christian Reformed Church at 8:30 am Sunday morning for Jer to meet the troops and lead a practise with the Worship Team for that morning's church service.  As we pulled up at the front door to unload, we heard a thud, a few ominous cracking sounds...and then watched in dismay as pieces of black plastic began to slide down our windshield.

We had forgotten that while we had unloaded Isaiah and Kiara's bikes from the bike rack at the back of our vehicle when we arrived at the campground, we had not yet taken down our bikes, which were strapped to the top of our vehicle.  And it was this bike rack--and bikes--that had made unceremonious contact with the top of the dome-shaped covered archway entrance to the church (or whatever that's called--I"m not an architect.)

We sat in our car for a moment in shocked disbelief.  But we literally had no time to deal with the situation (other than for Jer to haul the bike rack and bikes back up to the top of the car so that we could unload all of his equipment, etc.) as Jer had to lead a Worship Team practise with a handful of strangers and prepare for preaching his first sermon ever.  And I, with my bad back (gggrr!) was not able to step up and take care of things, no matter how deeply I wanted to. 

So we unloaded, parked, and forged on, trying to set this unfortunate reality aside for the time being, prepared to deal with it later.  And that might have been where the matter would have remained, had it not been for one intentionally watchful, kind and practical mover-and-a-shaker woman from the congregation who noticed the, er, unconventional diagonal posturing of the bikes...and then took it upon herself to enlist the aid of a fellow congregant--an avid cyclist himself--on our behalf.  The next thing we knew, both of our bikes were taken down and stowed safely in the church by this man and a friend of his. 

But the help did not stop there either. 

Later that day (while we were sharing a delicious meal with three warm and wonderful families in the beautiful home of an incredibly gracious couple who simply invited us as strangers to join them after church for lunch)  we found out that our Good Samaritan Cyclist had taken Jer's bike home in order to fix it.

The next morning Jer was at Immanuel Christian School, preparing to lead an assembly for the students there.  While Jer was setting up, a student popped his head in and informed Jer casually, "My dad's fixing your bike rack" before continuing on his way.  Sure enough, when Jer finished leading the assembly and went out to our car, the roof rack was completely repaired and ready for use.

Dear God in Heaven, thank-you for insisting on the communion of the saints.  We are on our knees.  And to the sweet souls of Charlottetown CRC, we will never forget your generosity of spirit and deed.  You have rendered us speechless.  May God bless you even as you have been such a blessing!

I close, fittingly, with these words from Jesus Calling:

Welcome challenging times as opportunities to trust Me."

Ouch.  And Amen.

Lara Schat-Zeyl, June 4, 2018