World Renew in Nigeria - Trauma Healing

One of the causes you are supporting through this tour is World Renew's work in Nigeria. Read on to learn more about how trauma healing is transforming lives!

While some progress is being made in restoring peace in Wukari and the surrounding area, major violence broke out between peasant farmers and herdsmen in the middle belt region on January 1, 2018 and led to the brutal killing of many innocent people. Peasant farmers, who are mostly Christians, accuse herders of migrating to grasslands in their areas, thereby damaging crops and making farming difficult. The herders, who are mostly Muslims, accuse farmers of squeezing them out of traditional grazing routes.


This ugly development left people in Nigeria and beyond shocked and dumbfounded. World Renew responded by providing trauma healing and mental health counseling sessions for immediate family members of those killed in the attack. For three full days, across four locations, 149 Nigerians met with teams of experienced trauma healing and mental health counseling facilitators. Sessions were hosted by the Universal Reformed Christian Church congregations in Gbajimba, Agasha, and Anyiin, with funding from Artevel Foundation.

Bunde lost his father and sister in the attack. Before the healing sessions, he was overcome by severe anger and bitterness and thoughts of revenge. Bunde testifies that he is beginning to feel differently after discussing and sharing with others and with encouragement from the Bible and the facilitators. "I now knows that forgiving those who killed my father and sister frees me from mental torture," he says. "I have recommitted his life to God and will trust Him to face the future."

This post is adapted from an article on the World Renew website.